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Curriculum Vitae


With unwavering positivity, meaningful insights, conscious interactions, and a strong desire for a brighter future, Saskia’s objective is to be an integral member of a team who ambitiously strive towards improving the city of Auckland. Her recent appointment as the Local Board Advisor for Hibiscus and Bays at Auckland Council holds great opportunity to do just this and to support the improvement of our great city at a grassroots level. Collaboratively working with the local board members to support them to achieve strategic outcomes is a mission Saskia takes in her stride.

As someone who thrives on building strong and effective relationships, providing superior leadership, and developing analytical solutions to issues and processes, Saskia brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table.

Through her employment with Auckland Council and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) over 5 years, Saskia is politically astute, has an eye for interpreting policy documentation, and has developed strong relationships across multiple government agencies. Her role as Project Manager, Operations, saw her development a manual, known as the Event Capability Guide, which assists event professionals to navigate regulatory requirements and understand the nature of Auckland as a platform for major events.

As the Event Facilitator for Hibiscus and Bays, Rodney, and Devonport-Takapuna Local Boards, and as a Major Event Facilitator for Auckland wide, Saskia has worked closely with Local Board members to deliver sound advice and expert knowledge to support decision making. These roles have allowed her to hone the ability to priorities effectively, project management a complex workload, accustom herself to the Auckland Council governance model, and trouble shoot on the spot. Working closely with multiple stakeholders both internally and externally encouraged big picture thinking when it came to decision making.

Saskia’s time at ATEED enabled her to contribute towards lifting the Auckland region’s economic wellbeing, supporting and enhancing the ability of the region to compete internationally to attract and implement major events on a global stage. Her role included effective advocacy, leadership and management of event operations and foster operational stakeholder relationships for major events from concept to post event evaluation. Saskia acted as a conduit between the major events and the city operational stakeholders, such as Auckland Transport, New Zealand Police, Auckland Council, here is where Saskia developed skills in negotiation to ensure buy-in and positive outcomes for all parties.

Saskia’s skillset has been developed not only in the government sector, but also in the private sector and tertiary sector. As the Senior Conference and Event Coordinator at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Saskia managed in-venue end to end conferences and events showcasing AUT as a superior host for international showcases. Travel bookings, website development, catering and audio-visual management, you name it, Saskia was across all in-house logistics. Her favorite part of this role was being a leader to the 5 conference and events coordinators under her. Level 1 and 2 certifications in Life Coaching enhances Saskia’s leadership ability and allows her to enable her team to activity participate in their own development.

After completing her event studies at AUT in Auckland her knowledge was put to the test as she jumped feet first into the Event Manager role for Auckland Marathon, an event that attracted of 16,500 participants, over 20,000 people attending the 3 day registration and expo, and 45,000 people attending the finishing line Picnic in the park. Staff management, customer service, supplier management, sponsorship management, online sales, media and press development, merchandising, you know it, Saskia assisted in all elements of this event. Her time with Auckland Marathon (and other events managed by this private sector company) propelled her into the events industry as a top professional.

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