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Empowering mama's to reclaim their health & happiness one small step at a time

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Hello, Mama!

Welcome to my home on the inter-web. Here I will be sharing my musings, experiences, and lifestyle choices as I navigate mamahood one day at a time.

Follow my journey to reclaiming my health and happiness as I hope to inspire, support, and empower all mama’s of this earth.

Kind words

Saskia is such a beautiful sparkly soul, have you seen her stunning smile? It’s infectious! Her calm, kind and open manner makes her such an easy person to talk to. I had the pleasure of having 4 sessions with Saskia when the pressure was on in both my work and personal life. She totally helped me to put things into perspective, focus on looking after myself and prioritise. *Alana M – Life Coach

Kind words

A few months ago a gorgeous friend mine went to the Wellness Forum event where Saskia was speaking. My friend insisted I get in touch with Saskia for her coaching services.  It could not have been better timing after a marriage break-up and loss of interest in work and my own business it was Saskia who put me back on track. My children and I could not be happier, even now that my time with Saskia has finished she is still checking on me and making sure I am still on track. *Jo Varney – Jewellery Designer and Business Owner / Jo Jo Varney designed in NZ

Kind words

When I began life coaching with Saskia I was at a stage in my life where I needed something; some advice, guidance, direction, and that’s exactly what I got. Saskia had me assess all aspects of my life and together we create a game plan for the areas that needed some new ideas. She taught me tips and tricks to deal with difficult situations. Every time I left Saskia I felt empowered with a fresh attitude of “no one can stop me now!” *Kat K – National Account Manager / Keune Haircosmetics (Australia & New Zealand)

Kind words

We all have what it takes, including me, but it’s figuring out strategies to make life work. Saskia helped me to do this. In our sessions, I took the time to push myself further. I was able to strengthen not only aspects of my business, but also all aspects of my life through coaching with Saskia! *Timmi F – Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur / Fang Gang

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