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I cannot believe the time has finally (well, almost finally) come to give birth again, and I cannot wait! I’ve been looking forward to being given the opportunity to explore labour and birth again since my first.

With my first baby, I had a full-blown, 2 page, birth-plan. A vision I had set for the whole experience; from what yoga poses I would use, what time of day it would be, who would clamp the cord, who was going to speak to the baby first, you name it, it was in the plan. Little did I know that my desired water birth would be stolen from me due to Charlise’s lack of desire to enter the world (she was 11 days overdue) and the need for intervention (induction).

This time around I have no official/written plan. If our little guy comes naturally I will be over the moon, and even more so if there is no intervention of any type (no pain relief, etc). I truly believe that birth is a woman’s pilgrimage and can be done completely unassisted, but of course, the first priority is the health of the baby and mother. So, although I haven’t written a birth plan this time, there are a few things I can almost guarantee I will be doing/using, and a few other things I would LOVE to happen.

One: Music. An easy and controllable item under almost all circumstances. My birth music of choice is by Brian Eno, Music for Airports (we had the same for Charlise). His music has been a part of my life since meeting Brad many moons ago. Brad introduced me to Brian and we have been meditating to his ambient music every night ever since.

Two: Essential Oils. Below I will share which doTERRA essential oils I will be using during labour, how I believe they will assist me, and why I have chosen them.



As soon as labour begins, I will be using my diffuser to introduce my anchor oils aromatically. I have chosen the Balance blend and Wild Orange essential oils.


Each day in the lead up to birth, I have and will continue to diffuse these oils. While diffusing I complete a round or two of labor-inducing yoga poses (squats, hip openers, and back openers), and also sit in meditation with my birth pray, breath work, and visualization. All of these things are centered around how I want to feel rather than what I want to happen. The smell of Balance and Wild Orange will trigger my olfactory system linking me to my desired feelings.


Grounded | Empowered |  Energized | Supported |  Peaceful, are just some words that I use in my birth pray.


Wild Orange and Balance are a great blend to diffuse during labour as put together, these oils become energizing and grounding, a true complementary combination.


On an emotional level, Balance offers body connection, stability, perseverance, self-containment, and inner strength. Physically, Balance promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation, helps to ease anxiousness, and evokes feelings of tranquility.


Emotionally, Wild Orange offers abundance (in all forms – think energy for labour), playfulness, enjoyment, and creativity. It inspires limitless solutions for problems and issues. I believe this will be helpful in labour as it will allow me to tune into my intuition and move into positions that I normally wouldn’t have thought of to reduce discomfort. Physically, diffusing Wild Orange will energize and uplift the mind and body while purifying the air. It supports healthy immune function which is totally needed in a hospital environment.


The health and happiness mama - essential oils for labor, doterra, wild orange, balance, peppermint, frankincense, lavender


To open up my heart and provide comfort, I will be using my favorite oil Frankincense on my heart chakra. I have been using this oil every day on my belly to reduce stretch marks and find it very calming. By placing it across my heart when necessary, a sense of calm will be found.


Emotionally, Frankincense offers a sense of enlightenment, love, protection, wisdom, discernment, and spiritual connection. I’m hoping Frankincense will draw upon the wisdom of those who have walked before me. Physically, Frankincense assists the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and calms.



Once labor is well established, and if needed, I will be using Peppermint essential oil to assist with further energy gatheringI plan to either rub a drop between by palms and inhale or I’ll have Brad put a couple of drops on a tissue and hold it under my nose for me. Should I experience labour nausea due to pain, Peppermint will also assist me in minimizing the discomfort.


On an emotional level, Peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart. It offers optimism, clarity, and strength. Physically, with high menthol content, it is great for the respiratory system (opening up the airways) and helps with feelings of nausea which can be experienced during childbirth.



And lastly, I will be using Lavender (or my husband will be) between contractions for massage. Again once I am well established in labour, Lavender is perfect to calm and sooth pain. We will also diffuse Lavender after birth to assist in creating a warm, calming and loving environment for our newly expanded family.


Emotionally, Lavender is the oil of communication. This will come in handy for expressing my needs and desires to Brad and the midwife. It encourages emotional honesty, expression, and relaxation. Physically, Lavender is great for calming, soothing, and relaxing the body.


A note on Lavender, I will only be using this once I’m in the full swings of childbirth as I wouldn’t want the body to calm to the point of labour stops.  




Other things I would love to happen include:


One: A water birth. We are such a water-loving family and it would be so enjoyable to see our little baby born in the water. The water is such a powerful element to work with and completely transforms my state of being when immersed in it.


Two: Delayed cord clamping. My midwife practices delayed cord clamping which I am a fan of. It ensures baby receives all of the blood and nutrients from the placenta before it is clamped. This offers a great start for baby’s health and well-being.


Three: Brad to deliver and clamp the cord when ready. Brad was lucky enough to help with the delivery of Charlise and I’d like him to do the same for this little guy. If all goes well, Brad will fish our little swimmer out of the water and offer him to me, then once ready, he will clamp the cord. I love the idea of the father (partner or support person) being really involved and feel it will provide a deep connection for our family.




There you have it, my oils of choice for labour. Once baby is born, I’ll be back to pop up a post on the oils, and other items, I’ll be using post birth to assist with cervix cramping/breastfeeding pains, healing and recovery, milk supply, and rebalancing hormones.



Stay tuned.



If you are pregnant and looking to purchase oils for pre, during, and post labour, reach out to me and we can chat about what oils resonate with you for this very special time in your life. It’s always best to consult your midwife first, so after our chat, speak with her/him before buying your oils.



Love and light,


Saskia xxx


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