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You have made it this far, Saskia.


9.M.O.N.T.H.S. | 3.9.W.E.E.K.S. | 2.6.7.D.A.Y.S.


With 6 more days in it, pull it together girl. You’ve done so well and come so far.


But what if he doesn’t come by his due date, what if I’m waiting for 2 more weeks? *anxiousness creeps in


‘What if’ never got anyone very far. A question that has no benefit and only creates worry and stress. A question unworthy of consideration or contemplation. Come back to me, Mama. Let’s be present.



A better question I suppose would be, if he came tonight, would I have enjoyed the day of his birth? Did I do something that could only be done with him inside my belly? Perhaps a long swim or a community yoga class. Or perhaps a massage or gentle bush walk. Did I connect with someone special full present?


What will I be less likely to be able to enjoy due to the mama duties gifted to me upon his arrival? Have I been conscious enough to enjoy those things now?


And how about time with Charlise? She’s growing so fast. Can I share a few more deep connecting experiences with her before we welcome another member to our daytime party of two?


Have I been engaging in meaningful conversation with Brad, something that is so easily taken for granted when it’s just the two of you, and something so easy to disregard when there is a newborn?


Breath in those peaceful moments, feel into the freedom of the present time, enjoy the calm. All the things that may not be as frequent in the next few months (but will return in time).



Am I ready for birth?


I think so. I’ve been working on my birth pray, meditating on the ‘feelings’, I’ve considered by birthing options and have chosen essential oils that will serve me best. I’ve physically stretched and moved in ways that will help open me up in labour.


I’ve communicated with my support team. Acknowledged who will be looking after Charlise. Determined how we will be getting to the hospital. And where we will be post-birth.


I’ve packed my hospital bag with much consideration.


I’ve washed all of the baby’s clothes and set up his bed. Perhaps I should cook some meals, but as we eat fresh produce daily, I don’t feel a great need to do this.


I’ve considered how I want to heal: How I will be nourished, what movement I will partake in, how I will keep my mind stress-free and fresh, and I’ve vowed to rest when and as needed. I have a light framework for getting back on my feet – slowly but surely.



M.Y. .B.I.R.T.H. .P.R.A.Y.


Divine Mother,


Take my physical body now and erase all fear and doubt, tension and anxiety.

Breath courage into my cells, allow my heart to expand and elevate me to a place of acceptance.

Gift me with trust, love, and allow me to embody my higher self.

As my natural instincts take hold, and my intuition guides me, offer me a state of surrender, peace, and reverence.


Divine Mother, rinse me of limitations, boundaries, and restricted beliefs.

Remind me of my strength, to be soft, and to rise to the occasion.

Remind me of my right of passage.

I am open and willing to transform, to expand, to be re-born.

This is my pilgrimage.


And so it is.



And there it is. The calm and pleasant feeling of patience and acceptance. How did it come about? With presence and consciousness of course.


If I could give one piece of advice to a waiting mama, it would be to create a feeling of ease and calm in the weeks leading up to baby’s impending due date. Take time to do the things you enjoy. Be present in each and every moment. Relax and prepare your physical body and spiritual mind.


There is no clock or timekeeper in the womb, your little bundle of joy does not know he or she is due any day now. Be willing to accept the divine timing of this miracle for it comes and goes in a flash.


Much love and light,


Saskia xxx



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