I’ve been taking Lifelong Vitality Supplements since December 16, 2017. That date is super clear to me as it was the day after I got home from the hospital for the second time with my baby boy, Dane, who was born on December 28, 2017.


Although our family eats a predominantly plant-based whole foods diet, unfortunately in today’s world of modern farming practices we cannot rely solely on our food to provide all of the macro and micronutrients we need to thrive. As a new mama once again, I knew my body systems, mainly my immune and nervous system, would be heavily compromised by the exhausting task of breastfeeding around the clock and nurturing not one but two little beings. I had heard a lot of great things about the supplement range by doTERRA, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, and so I placed an order the month before Dane was due in anticipation to begin taking them post birth.


The first 14 days postpartum were intense. I felt like I was running on empty and, once home from birth care, things took a turn for the worst. I ended up back in hospital on the December 13th with a uterine infection (infection of the uterus). I spent 3 days there recovering. My body had been put through the ringer and I needed to be extra attentive to fueling my body right. The day I got home from the hospital for the second time was the day I started the Lifelong Vitality range. Within days of starting the LLV supplements, I was feeling much better. Even on minimal sleep, motherhood became do-able (I really wasn’t in those first 14 days, I was scared shitless I wasn’t up for the task – little did I know I was super sick). I no longer needed stimulants to give me an upper to make it through the day.


That is until the month I let my re-stock fall by the waist side, after just 3 days without the LLV supplements I noticed a significant drop in energy levels, clarity, motivation, and enjoyment. I was gagging for cafe grade coffee twice a day just to make it through, I became tearful and exhausted all over again but this time I wasn’t sick, just sleep deprived and undernourished.


That little experiment gave me sound assurance that the LLV range was worth its weight in gold ( or the $126nzd for a month’s supply to be exact – actually, my husband and take half the recommended dose each so we both get a month supply within 1 pack purchase). Back on the supplements again and my moods and energy returned. I’m actually shocked at how long I’ve lasted on so little sleep with these supplements in my life.


Full Disclosure: At 3 months old I began to feel a drop in energy and my eczema reared its head. Although the LLV supplements are amazing, I can’t expect my body to thrive on such little sleep. I’m now in the middle of sleep training, improving my milk supply (fatty milk vs trim so to speak) and following an Ayurveda diet to reduce inflammation within the body. 




About the range (taken from the doTERRA website):


Alpha CRS+
Every day, our DNA and other cells are under attack from free radicals that damage them. Alpha CRS+ combats this and stimulates overall cellular health. For this reason, Alpha CRS+ is also known as the cellular energy and longevity blend. Some of the nutrients included in the formula are coenzyme Q10 and acetyl-l-carnitine, which help the metabolic processes of the cell to give you more energy. There are also antioxidants like quercetin and alpha-lipoic acid that help combat oxidative stress and ageing. Finally, a botanical extract of Ginko biloba helps support mental clarity and energy.

doTERRA LLV alpha

Microplex VMz
This complex contains natural highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in proportions that work hand-in-hand with your diet. (For example, vitamins A, C, and E, B, and D, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, and zinc.) Often, vitamins and minerals included in supplements can be difficult for our bodies to absorb. However, Microplex VMz solves the absorption issue by using a glycoprotein matrix to help the body absorb vitamins, and chelated minerals (meaning the mineral is bound to an amino acid). In essence, this process makes the supplement recognizable as food nutrients to our digestive systems. Overall Microplex VMz supports healthy metabolism, digestion, immune function and cellular energy.

doTERRA LLV microplex

xEO Mega
xEO Mega takes care of your remaining nutritional needs with omega-3s (known as essential fatty acids), essential oils, and vitamins D and E. Fatty acids help support your joints, skin, and cardiovascular and brain health. The best sources of omega-3s are fatty fish and marine algae, which are not common in most diets and can be expensive. The molecularly filtered fish oil in xEO Mega supplies 300 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA per daily serving, and 55 mg of other omega-3s. It is also formulated with a blend of Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, & German Chamomile oils, that add antioxidant protection to the mix.

doTERRA LLV xeo mega

LLV also comes in vegan options



Personally, within one week of taking LLV, I found: 


I had loads more energy which I was totally shocked about. This time in a new mama’s passage is known as the survival weeks, and I remember clearly saying to someone, actually I feel like I’m thriving.


My skin cleared. No hormonal pimples around the chin area that are really common when breastfeeding and your hormones are settling back down post-pregnancy.


Clarity. Something we miss when we are sleep deprived mama’s is the clarity to get through the day. Yes, I’m notorious for losing my car keys but not my mind this time around 😉 I’m as not only mumming but continued to build awareness around my doTERRA business.


Other things I never thought possible until I started taking LLV: 


At 8 weeks postpartum I started running again and surprisingly was able to run 5km no worries mate every second day.


I’ve lost the baby weight way quicker this time around. It took 9 months to get to my pre-baby weight after having my first baby, Charlise. This time around, I’m down 15.5kilo out of 17kilo just 4 short months post birth with no dieting (eating more than I’ve ever eaten and with minimal exercise).


My hair, skin and nails appear to remain strong and clear even though I’m giving a lot of my nutrients away to bubby.


My libido is back was back within weeks. (TMI 😉 ) It took months to get back into the groove in the bedroom first time around. This time, right back at it, ha!




Let’s just say LLV is now a daily ritual. To get the best out of life it’s not just about supplementation but a mix of good nutrition, movement, stress and sleep management, and enjoyment of life. I dare you to try the LLV range for 1 month and see how you feel. And just because doTERRA are good guys, they offer a 30-day money back on this range, so it’s a win:win. Don’t wait any longer to try doTERRA’s #1 best seller.



How to get your hands on these supplements: 


The supplement range is only available to current wholesale customers of doTERRA (fyi: with a wholesale account you get 25% off retail prices – psst having a wholesale account does NOT mean you have to build a business or become an oil-goddess – thank you 😉 ).


Fact: 85% of doTERRA’s customers are just that, customers only (not business owners/builders). They know a great product when they see one.


Don’t panic, if you’re not a current wholesale customer, you can be within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is purchase an enrolment kit (kits here), or pay the $40nzd wholesale account membership fee – and then you will have access to buy them.


Follow these instructions:

  1. Visit my store here https://www.mydoterra.com/saskiacoley/#/ 
  2. Click “Join & Save”
  3. Select your country and language
  4. Select “New Zealand Products” or if you are Australian select “Australian Products”
  5. Select “Wellness Advocate” (Not Wholesale Customer. The Wellness Advocate membership will give you a minimum of 25% off the retail price + access to my ongoing support with no obligation to buy or sell.)
  6. Enter your personal information
  7. At Enroller ID enter my number: 4596834 (This will give you full access to my ongoing support, training, team and Facebook groups)
  8. Click verify (it should then show my name)
  9. Select the kit you’d like to order OR create your custom order and click the “$40nzd Introductory Packet”
  10. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  11. Set up your Loyalty Rewards Order. This step is entirely optional and is for those who want to support their wellbeing with a regular monthly order and earn points for free product!



Want to make it super simple, drop me an email at info@saskiacoley.com and I’ll walk you through it step by step (‘Phew! Thank god for Saskia’ I hear you say – lol).





There are so many great testimonials out there from people using this product so if you would like to see them, please ask and I’ll send you some links.


Much love.




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