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I absolutely love to CONNECT! The face-to-face, smile-making, heart-filling, seeing-into-your-soul-through-eye-gazing, connection that comes with human interaction.

Book an essential oils class  

Hosting a class with good friends in the comfort of your own home can make a nice change from going out to your local. Get the girls together, pour a nice glass of red or a fresh brew and let me teach you about the magic of essential oils.

The next hour and a half will be all about self-care time for you and your girlfriends. You will be educated on the beneficial properties of these beautiful essential oils, you will interact with the oils through the delicious oil-infused snacks provided, upon your skin with an aromatic dressing, and through your senses with diffused frankincense and wild orange (or something just as delightful). This is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and learn the magic of essential oils.

Send me an email or give me a bell on 021 933 114 to arrange a class time.



Book an essential oils one on one or a life coaching one on one consultation

Lets get together for a one on one, all about YOU, consultation, either at an organic cafe or in the comfort of your home or mine. Alternatively, I also offer Skype dates. Send me a date, time and what you wish to get out of our interaction, whether its to learn more about essential oils or for life coaching, via email or give me a bell on 021 933 114 and we can arrange a suitable time for your consult.



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I’m openly and gratefully available for interviews, providing testimonials, and collaborating on guest posts at the present time, so please get in touch via and include your requirements in the subject line.

If you wish to advertise on my site or would like me to review and feature your product on my site, please contact me at and include advertising (and company name) or product review (and company name) in the subject line.


Many thanks!


Saskia xo

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