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Your Invitation.



Riding the waves of positivity, you’re a glass-half-full kind of woman, who sees the silver-lining in each moment. With faith in the world, your mind perceives things differently; colorful visions, big expansive daydreams, endless possibilities, and innovative thoughts. When you are in your element, you feel limitless. You crave creativity and meaningful conversations, true connections, and to be surrounded by others like you. A deep desire exists within you to do something spectacular and to make a big difference in the world.  


Join me. 


Small talk doesn’t do it for you and mother nature, in all her glory, is where you feel most alive. You’re ready to create something for yourself, a legacy to leave behind. Yearning for something that changes and adapts as you do, you seek an opportunity to work from anywhere and to your own schedule. Creating something that gives you a sense of purpose and meaning will help you to thrive in your truest form. You’re seeking your tribe, those who share your depth, curiosity, and adventurous nature.


Join Me. 


With drive, energy, and passion for something greater, you have a real love for health and vitality. You believe it to be a persons’ number 1 asset in life. You’re a shiny light beam that’s been dimmed by the everyday grind and feeling a little less sparkly because of it. A sense of readiness sits in the pit of your stomach; readiness to pivot onto a different path, a road less traveled but filled with possibility. You hear a calling to be brave, and bold, and to stand up for what you deserve, desire and dream of.




I’ve been waiting for you. Eagerly seeking like-minded souls to collaborate with. Writing to the universe asking for you to come into my vortex. While you’ve been kicking up the dust on ‘simply-getting-by’ street, I’ve been here, shammy in hand, ready to clean you up so your sparkly light beams brightly again. 


Join me, sister, let’s venture forward together, let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s light the path for those who wish to join us and follow in our footsteps.


Take my hand.



Are you feeling the pull?


If you are you feeling pulled to educate others on a natural way to keep their home healthy and boost their overall well-being, you have come to the right place.

My team and I are here to show others how simple it is to support their family’s health, well-being, and happiness through natural solutions known as dōTERRA essential oils. This collective is for the natural health enthusiasts, the ones who wish to walk a path of vitality and freedom, for the conscious beings who will no longer turn a blind eye to the amount of toxicity in the world that is making so many sick, and who have instead decided to take action towards a better way for all.

If you find you have a deep desire to support your family and community in this way, then welcome. We are the facilitators offering the resources and education on how to incorporate dōTERRA essential oils and products into a daily routine for better physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.



I have a dream.


My dream is to be a part of a natural health revolution.

My dream is to feel abundant in all forms – health, wealth, and happiness.

My dream is to align with divine creation, my truest self, and my life purpose.

My dream is to light the path less traveled.

My dream is to be passionately creative.

My dream is to bravely collaborate with, serve, lead, and mentor a community of like-minded women.

My dream is to L.O.V.E. affectionately, non-judgmentally, and honestly, and to be the best mother and wife I can be.

My dream is to dictate my life, to choose what, how and when.

My dream is to U.N.A.P.O.L.O.G.E.T.I.C.A.L.L.Y. fulfill my dreams and to help others fulfill theirs!

And if you resonate with these dreams (or have a nice list of your own), I’m offering out my hand to you now hoping you bravely and boldly take hold and join me.

I am calling on you to take serious action and to shake things up. To stop denying yourself and saying ‘I can’t’. Because dreams only become reality when we step into action; when we rise; when we push our fears and insecurities aside and say


‘H.E.L.L. F.R.E.A.K.’.N. Y.E.S. T.O. M.Y. D.R.E.A.M.S!’



Divine timing.


I have amazing news for you, the path we are about to venture down together has been carved out by others before us who once said a big YES to being the change they wanted to see in the world; to sharing these amazing catalysts for change – essential oils and natural solutions; and, by doing so, creating the life of their dreams. Beautiful like-minded, bold, brave, women and men like you and I have stepped into the realm of multi-level marketing and forged the way on a global scale.

Authentically, ethically, and with integrity.

If being a facilitator of natural health and making a difference in the world isn’t enough to make you say ‘Yes’, then perhaps knowing Australia and New Zealand are doTERRAs’ fastest growing markets internationally (see here), giving you and I the most spectacular opportunity to thrive, is. Our fellow citizens are waking up and seeing how life changing and beneficial these oils can be. All we need to do is invite them in with an open heart and teach them how to welcome the oils into their daily lives.

It feels so unbelievably good to know an essential oils lifestyle empowers us, our families, friends, and community to reach for natural solutions first. This is what we share; the purist natural solutions as a support system for emotional, physical and spiritual health.



Are you ready?


What I’m offering allows you to play the role of CEO of your own business (with me and my team by your side every step of the way). It allows you to create your own work environment and hours. The freedom to unleash your creativity, to tap into your greatest potential, to connect from the heart, and to make an honest difference in the world. To flex those innovative muscles, and to follow the map of your desires. What I’m offering will pay off, bringing A.L.L. of your dreams to reality.

Join me.

But before we go any further, let’s get real and honest…

It will be work, hard work, and at times you will question ‘is it worth it?’ Because anything that is worth it, takes effort, dedication, and commitment. Your dream life is so worth it! We are the change-makers, the light-workers, the nonconformists, the conscious, and the futurists.

You should know that my invitation doesn’t mean you have to be all in or nothing, you choose your level of play and I will be here to support you, helping you to be successful at whatever level you choose. This is an opportunity to go at your own pace, whether it’s lightning speed or easy-going turtle, you dictate your timeframe. 


Full Transparency.

The business opportunity doTERRA offers not only allows you to improve your own health, wellbeing, and happiness (something you already see as vitally important), it also allows you to help others to do the same. By building a doTERRA business you become a helping hand who enables, empowers, and facilitates physical and mental health, spiritual connection, and well-being, through natural solutions first, to those who want it.

You should know that there are no requirements to spend unnecessary money to be successful in this business. DoTERRA does not require any large start-up investment, there is no requirement for you to hold inventory or to process deliveries, there are no hidden fees. Commission is calculated on product sales, not recruitment (this is not a pyramid scheme!) As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate your role is to share your personal experience with the oils, share the oils themselves, and to help others to open a wholesale account so that they receive the deepest discounts and the purest oils available. We do not prescribe, treat or offer cures to health conditions.

While there is no requirement to place a monthly order you will need to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Programme if you wish to receive a commission. This means placing a 100 point value order once per month (approx. $150 NZD order a month). By placing this order you are entitled to a commission and cash bonuses and have the ability to achieve the goal of lasting residual income. Think of this cost as your ongoing business monthly overhead which you will use to purchase oils for personal use, for offering samples, for gifting, and to share when educating others about the benefits of these oils. Not to mention the endless training on the oils and the support, mentoring, and leadership you receive to develop a successful business (trust me when I say the training you will receive is world class).

Other small businesses may have overhead costs that include office rent, telecommunication expenses, equipment costs, product development and delivery expenses, insurance costs and so on. Likely exceeding $150 NZD per month.


By joining my team I will show you the way, give you structure, a real sense of purpose and belonging, and a systematic model to follow for success. You will be connected with like-minded women and men succeeding in this business model. Then, once you feel comfortable, you get to take the reins and make it your own. There are no limits or restrictions on how you do this business. Infusing it with your true essence and building in a way that’s completely authentic to you is not only supported but celebrated. And we, your community of over 2000 like-minded women, will be by your side every step of the way.


I am calling out to you, beautiful.


Join Me – contact me at for more information and to say YES.


To learn more about doTERRA – a beautiful company with true heart and soul, check out my ‘Why doTERRA’ on my essential oils page here.


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